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Reception Desk  

Welcome to our clinic!  Please check in with a staff member once you have arrived.  We’ll ask you a few quick questions and make sure your contact information is up to date.


Once you have checked in, we will ask you to bring your dog to the scale to get a recent weight.  Cats and small dogs will be weighed in the exam rooms.

Lobby/Waiting Area

We have a large lobby where clients can sit and wait for their appointments.  There is a lot of room to separate anxious pets from exuberant ones.  On occasion, you may notice a goat or sheep or another small farm animal in for a vet visit!

Quiet Room

This room is used as a waiting area for pets that are stressed in the clinic.  It is also an area to review x-rays or bloodwork, as well as a quiet area those waiting for end of life appointments.


Our large retail area carries three different brands of food.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Please ask the receptionist to see if we can help you find it or order it in for you.  Other items include a large selection of treats, flea/tick products, skin products, skunk/scent removal products plus cat and dog toys.  We also carry Susan’s Perks for Pets handmade items.  Also available are e-collars and after surgery wear.

Exam Room

This is one of the rooms where your appointment will take place. We have three rooms available for appointments.

Dentistry, Ultrasound, Exam 3

This room is multifunctional.  It serves as a third exam room, a dentistry room and an ultrasound room.

X-Ray Room

We have a digital X-ray on site.  The x-rays we take can be viewed on the computer monitor in the x-ray room or on our portable I-pad. 


We have a full service lab.  Most of the bloodwork is done on site; including CBC, chemistry, electrolytes, etc.  We also do diagnostic testing including urinalysis, fecal and cytology.  For dairy farmers, we also do in house milk cultures.

Surgery Suite

This is the room where your pet’s surgery will be performed, equipped with all the necessities.


Our pharmacy is located behind the reception area.  This is where we keep prescription medication, as well as flea and tick prevention products.

Food Production Animal and Equine Supplies

We have a wide range of supplies for all of your large animal needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask.  * As of December 2018, you will need a prescription to buy antibiotics.  Talk to us about setting up a VCPR (Vet Client Patient Relationship)*

Mobile Vet Units

We have a fleet of trucks that go out on farm visits.  They are equipped with ultrasound machines, portable x-ray machine, and equine dental equipment to service all of your large animal needs.