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Chris White, DVM

Dr. White was born and raised in Litchfield, Maine, USA.  He grew up training horses and competing in barrel racing throughout his childhood.  After dealing with his horse’s extensive lameness growing up, he knew he wanted to help other people with their lame horses, backyard or competition, as well.  As a child he loved competing, and that flame has been reignited by helping his patients compete at their best!

Dr. White attended the Atlantic Veterinary College, and completed a year-long internship at Equine Clinic in Upstate New York.  He returned to Southern Maine and joined TNT Equine.

Dr. White is married to our equine vet, Dr. Damita Hansen and they currently reside in Sheffield Mills. They live with Copper, his childhood barrel horse who has lived with him in PEI, New York, and Maine.  Every summer, a new vet student learns to inject joints for Copper’s treatment of his navicular.  Copper enjoys hay and grass, and dislikes his grazing muzzle!

Dr. White enjoys equine ultrasonography and imaging, karaoke bars, and the wineries of the Annapolis Valley.  He is currently working on his certification through the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) and is a founding member of the Atlantic Association of Equine Practitioners.