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Rebecca, Purchasing Co-ordinator

Rebecca grew up in the Canning/Habitant area and moved to Centreville in 2006.  She graduated from NSCC Kingstec in 2011 with a certificate in Medical Office Administration and with a lifelong love of animals and an interest in this field of work, joined the team at Cornwallis Vets in 2011 as a receptionist. She later went on to train and work as a Veterinary Assistant in both the Kentville and Three Mile Plains locations and is currently working as the Purchasing Coordinator for both clinics.  She loves everything outdoors and being in nature but her biggest love is her little niece “Abby” who is the apple of her eye and greatest source of enjoyment!  Rebecca recently moved to Berwick after purchasing her first home and quickly took in a roommate, a young Border Collie named Micky who she loves to spend time hiking with.