In House Laboratory – Large Animal

We can provide a wide range of laboratory services right in our clinic at Cornwallis Veterinarians.

We can run complete blood counts, and blood chemistry levels on our equine and bovine patients within a couple of hours of taking the sample.

Our lab often does fecal exams to check for presence of parasite eggs. Fecal egg counts are especially important for our sheep, goat, and equine patients to know what types and how many worms your animals may be harbouring. We often do fecal egg counts and then design treatment protocols tailored to your farm.

For our lactating animals we regularly do milk sample culturing in clinic to determine if mastitis is present and if so, which bacteria is the culprit. Bacterial cultures are often done for poultry, and mink samples as well to help with disease diagnosis. We can also do sensitivities on the bacteria grown in our samples to determine which antibiotic would be best to treat them. 

In situations where certain diseases are suspected or need to be ruled out we send samples to laboratories all across North America to find you the answers you need.