The word Euthanasia comes from the Greek language, meaning “good death”. Euthanasia is a humane method designed to cause minimal pain and distress for your pet. The act of euthanasia is so peaceful it is commonly referred to as “lay down”, “put down” or “put to sleep”.

You can include your veterinarian when deciding whether the time has come to end your pet’s discomfort. Medical testing can provide accurate information to aid in this very difficult decision. Animals are often sedated to help the procedure go smoothly and to reduce any anxiety. Euthanasia is performed by injecting a high dose of an anesthetic drug causing the pet to slip into a peaceful deep anesthetic sleep, dying when the heart stops. The process only takes about 20 seconds.

You can be a part of the process as much as you wish. You may provide a special blanket for your pet to lie on. You are welcome to be in the room during the procedure where you can hold, stroke and talk to your pet during the euthanasia procedure, and you are welcome to have a few minutes of alone time with your pet once your pet has passed.

Another difficult decision is choosing burial or cremation of your deceased pet. Peaceful Acres Pet Cemetery provides crematorium services to Cornwallis Veterinarians Ltd. Should you choose a cremation for your pet then the remains are returned to you in an urn or a small scatter box. Grieving is natural when we lose any family member. It takes time to work through the stages, each at our own pace.
Grieving can come in the form of numbness and denial, to anger and/or guilt. But eventually we do accept the loss. We never forget our wonderful furry family members but we do learn to move on. Enjoy the wonderful memories of your pet, share your stories and pictures and appreciate the good times they gave you.