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Karen, CRS, Windsor Location

Karen, or “English Karen” as she’s fondly called, grew up in Portsmouth, England and moved to Canada in 2007. 

She took courses in both personal assistance and media studies, and later went back to school to take a medical course to become a midwife but moved to Canada instead!  With a career background in Customer Services including a large Utility Company and a major Bank, she decided to also apply her love of animals and joined Cornwallis Vets, Three Mile Plains location, in 2015.  Karen currently resides in Newport, NS with her husband of 27 years and 2 elderly black/tan English Dobermans: Lola (12) & Reggie (11) and has 2 grown sons.  Karen enjoys gardening, dogs, lunching out and practicing Sudoku in an effort to beat her co-workers and volunteers to make tea on a daily basis!