Kristin, RVT

Kristin grew up in Portland, Oregon.  She immigrated to Canada and settled in Nova Scotia in 2011.  She now resides in Avondale with her husband and furry family consisting of 2 dogs (Pancho & Lilly) 2 cats (Maxwell & Oreo) 2 bunnies (Piper & Summer) as well as some chickens and ducks.     

She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, and then her Masters from Dalhousie University where she studied wildlife biology.  In 2019 Kristin completed her veterinary technology diploma from Maritime Business College and joined to team at Cornwallis Vets.

Her previous work experience was as a wildlife technician, and in a way is how she ended up in Nova Scotia!  Her first position in Canada was in the Yukon Territories studying red squirrels (which is where she met her husband).  The majority of her experience has been with birds of all types – raptors, seabirds and songbirds.  She was also always been interested in animal welfare which has involved helping stray dogs in Thailand, working with purebred cats in Montreal and working as a vet assistant at the SPCA in Dartmouth.  Because of this work, she realized that she would be interested in pursuing a career as a Veterinary Technician. 

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys knitting and anything crafty, reading, playing the ukulele and outdoor adventures.  She also still loves wildlife and volunteers with the medical team at Hope for Wildlife and is also a bunny foster mum with Honey’s Bunnies Rabbit rescue.