Angela, Client Care Specialist

In 2010, Angela joined the team at Cornwallis Vets.  With her background in caregiving, retail and love of animals, it was a perfect match! 

She has lived in Kentville for over 30 years with her husband Shawn, and together raised two boys, Jason & Mitchell.  She has 2 dogs “Howie” & “Lucy” and 3 cats “Stewart”, “Tia” and her most recent addition “Wizard”.  Two of these are what she likes to call her “hand-me-down kitties” from their son Jason!  Angela enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening, walking, snowshoeing and when she gets the opportunity, sailing with her Mom & Dad in Chester.  She grew up in a military family, living from almost one end of the country to the other, so she considers herself to be extremely lucky to have most of her family living in the same province, let alone the same country!